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Tirukoilur-Sri Sri Raghuthama Theertha Swamy Moola Brindavana

|| Shri Raghuttama Teertha Gurubhyonamaha ||

|| Gurubhyoh namah||

Sri Raghothama Theertha Brindavana

I recently had a fortune to visit Tirukoilur where Moola brindhavana of one of the famous saints of Sri Madhwa parampara exists. He is none other than the most powerful “Sri Raghotamma theertharu”. Sri Raghoothama Theertha Swamyji’s Brindavan is at Tirukoilur (also called Manampoondi) which is situated along the sacred banks of River Pinakini, in Villupuram district in the state of present Tamilnadu. It is popular belief that Sri Raghuttama Theertha is a great healer. He was the 14th pontiff during the period of 1537-1596 AD. Thousands of devotees who throng to his Brindavana are standing proof of his divine power and a kind heart to bless his devotees. He has made a dumb speak, mad to be intelligent , childless to beget progeny and the list goes on…


Entrance of Sri Raghothama Theertha Brindavana

As it was the Independence Day long weekend, we decided to visit Tirukoilur with the family.The distance from Bangalore to Tirukoilur is 237kms. Manamppondi is 36 KM away from Tiruvannamalai and 2 KM before Tirukoilur, on Tiruvannamalai – Tirukoilur highway.We also planned to visit Kanipakam and Vellore, as these places were on the way to Tirukoilur. After visiting Sri Swayambu Varasidhi Vinayaka temple at kanipakam and Sripuram Golden Temple at Vellore in the afternoon we reached Tirukoilur in the evening around 7.30 pm and spent the night there itself. We had booked 2 rooms in the Mutt( Hindu religious and monastic institution) in advance. The rooms were in good condition with hot water geyser in washrooms.

Let me tell you how exactly the brinavana area looks. To the East there is Dhatri tree, to the south Pinakini River mattu Shri Trivikrama devara saannidhya, to the west Ashwatha Vruksha and to the north is the Tamarind tree which never allows shadows on the Vrundavana. South Side of Vrindavana has an image of the mother of Shri Guru Raja. There is Mukya Praana temple within the Brindavana complex. Shri Thiruvikrama swamy temple is also situated in Tirukoilur Town.

Early in the morning we visited the Thiruvikrama swamy temple and then came back near the brindavana for the seva(offerings to the idol) and watching the puja. It is observed that the brindavana is decorated everyday.However,Only on the aradhana day the vrundavana is decorated with various flowers while on normal days, Brindavana is first covered with wet Shati(cloth) and whole Puja is finished before the Shati (Ochre robe or cloth) gets dried . Once it dries,they remove the alankara(decoration) which proves that he gives less significance towards worldly exhibits.

There is a tradition of performing Seva at the Brindavan of Sri Raghuttam Tirtha. Anyone can accept this seva diksha without any discrimination of age, gender etc. The only requirement is deep devotion and strong will to serve Shri Raghuttama Tirtharu to get his blessings.


I would like to share the brief life history of Sri Raghoothama Theertha swamy which I found to be interesting. Once Shri Raghuvarya Teertharu of Uttaradhi mutt visited Swarnavata village in the Nizam State. The Zamindar of the village Shri Subba Bhatta and his wife Ganga Bai invited Shri Raghuvarya Teertharu for “Bhiksha” in their house but Swamiji refused their offer because they were childless. After repeated requests made by the couple, Shri Raguvarya Teertharu accepted to receive their Bhiksha provided their first born male child should be handed over to the Mutt. The blessed couple accepted to do so. Accordingly, Swamiji performed the pooja of Shri Moola Rama and Seetha and received the Bhiksha in their house and gave Phala Mantrakshate to the couple. Some time later, Smt. Ganga Bai, the wife of the Zamindar conceived and Shri Swamiji was informed accordingly. He returend to the village expecting the birth of the child. A big gold plate was sent to the Zamindar’s house from the Mutt with an instruction to receive the child directly in the golden plate without allowing the child to touch the earth. Accordingly the child was received in the golden plate and brought to the Mutt. He was named after Shri Ramachandra by his Holiness and brought up at the Mutt itself and was fed only with the Abhishekha milk of the Vyasa Kurma Saligram of the Mutt. When Shri Ramchandra became a boy of seven years he had his Upanayanam at the Mutt and the very next year he was ordained as a sanyasi and named as Shri Raghuttama Teertharu. Sri Raghuttama Teertha was on throne of Uttaradhi mutt for 39 years.

Shri Raghuttama Teertharu desired to enter the Brindavana at Manampundi(Thirkoilur). This place is also known as “Pancha Krishnaranya Kshetra”. Shri Swamiji ordered a Zamindar of Tiruvanamalai in the latter’s dream to construct his Brindavana at a specified place. Shri Raghuttama Teertharu entered Brindavana in 1595 AD on the day of Vaikunta Ekadashi. This place has become a holy seat of pilgrimage and a vast number of devotees belonging to all castes and creeds perform SEVA even today. Shri Raghuttama Teertharu is known to save all souls, all those devotees who had taken refuge in him. None of his devotees seem to have returned in disappointment.


SathyaPramodha Theertha-Moola Brindavana

I should not forget to mention that the great and the noble Jagadguru Shri 1008 Shri Satya Pramoda Tirthaaru attained ‘Hari Pada Sannidhi’ (Left for heavenly abode) at Tirikoilur on 3-11-1997 besides the Vrindavan Of Shri Raghottam Teertharu . As if he knew all the future events he ordained Sanyas Ashram to Sarvagnachar and named him as ‘Satyatma Tirtha’ on 24-4-1996 at Tirukoilur where the Vrindavan of Shri Raghottama Teertharu exists. It is very pertinent to mention here that among the 41 Gurus of Uttaradi Mutt, Raghottama Teertharu is the only Guru who took sanyas as brahmachari & rest of the Gurus were ‘Grahastashramis’ as per the traditions of the Mutt. After him Shri Satyatma Teertharu is the Guru, who had adorned the peetha of Uttaraddi Mutt after taking Sanyas as a brahmachari and thus started his reign from 3-11-1997. He is the 42nd Guru in the Uttaradi Mutt .

After Abhisheka and Aarti, Tirtha and naivedhya prasadha was served. The food there was very delicious. My journey to Tirukoilur was superb and would love to visit again.

Manoja Jithyam manasam hi pathya!

Ragoothamakhyam swagurum Namamy!!

(Meaning : I salute Raghoottamateertha who lives as a sage on the sanctified banks of river Pinakini.)



18 Responses to Tirukoilur-Sri Sri Raghuthama Theertha Swamy Moola Brindavana

  1. A. Badarinath

    We are planning to visit the place shortly . Can you kindly inform us the contact No. for booking the room at the Mutt premises ?


    Dear Sir,

    we are keen to visit Sri Sri Raghuthama Theertha Swamy moola vrundavana, Please let us know the contact no. for booking room at the Mutt premises …for which we remain grateful to you.,



    • shekhar

      Dear Madhusudan,

      You may kindly contact 04153224690 for ur requirements at manampoondi brindavan.


  3. prasanna Kulkarni

    Dear Sir,

    We have planned to visit Sri Sri Raghuthama Theertha Swamy moola vrundavana on 17th of May, 2012.

    So please let us know about the contact number of Mutt to book rooms and Hasthodaka facilities.

    and what are sevas available at that moment.

    Thanks and regards,
    prasanna kulkarni.

  4. prasanna kulkarni

    Dear Sir,

    We are very eager to visit to Tirukoilur on 17th and 18th May, 2012. hence request you to suggest me in booking rooms at the Mutt premises and also let us know abt the contact number for which we are very greatfull to you……,

    Prasanna kulkarni

  5. Rachana Udbalker

    Hello Mr Prasanna,
    Nice to know that you are planning to visit Sri Sri Raghuthama Theertha Swamy moola vrundavana at Tirukoilur.
    I am sorry I don’t know the contact number of Mutt.And regarding the booking of rooms and hasthodaka my inlaws know one of the Achar of Uttaradhi Mutt Bangalore.His name is sri Krishnacharya.He booked two rooms for us at Tirukiolur as some of his relative stays there.
    You can contact Uttaradhi mutt Bangalore office which is located in Basavangudi near National college.Phone No of uttaradhi mutt of bangalore is: 080 – 65616964 .They can give you some information.And also if you are planning to stay there for two days ,make some arrangements from home itself for breakfast/dry snacks and dinner as you will not find any shops or even small hotels near the Mutt.Its a very small village.And u have to carry some mats and blankets for sleeping arrangements as u will not get those in the rooms.U will get hot water in rooms.

  6. shekhar

    Dear Prasanna,
    May be u have already visited the place. The phone number of the mutt is 04153224690. It is a place one should visit with full faith and rest is taken care by shree raghottama theertharu.


  7. P..T.Murugan

    When i was working in Agrl Department as Superintendent(Audit) I had a chance to go and worship this Jeevasamathi.I felt happy and known that this place has some spiritual power.

  8. Viswanathan. M

    I have a Bungalow house with 2 car parking with all facilities like 24 hours water,Bus and Train facility, nice ventilation with Ganesha temple ad joint to the house. Exactly 2km from Tirukoilur-Sri Sri Raghuthama Theertha Swamy Moola Brindavana.
    Area- 2600 sq ft, 2 Bedrooms with attached toilet, 1 bedroom, Kitchen separate Poojaroom, Spacious Living-room, Common toilet.

    Price – 46 Lakh.

    contact – 080- 2784 9542, +91 9902819546, +91 96006 25251.

  9. Gayatri Madhusudan

    We are from Bangalore. We would be visiting Sri Sri Raghuthama Theertha Swamy moola vrundavana at Tirukoilur on saturday i.e. on 30th June 2012 on our way to srimushnam. We would like to stay overnight there and then leave for srimushnam on 1st July 2012. Can anyone please guide us on where to stay in Tirukoilur ? We would also like to be guided on route from Bangalore to Tirukoilur and then from Tirukoilur to Srimushnam. Thanks.



    verry verry best




    May 2 2012

    Dear Sir,

    We are very eager to visit to Tirukoilur on 15th and 18th May, 2012. hence request you to suggest me in booking rooms at the Mutt premises and also let us know abt the contact number for which we are very greatfull to you……,


  13. Sudhindra

    Hare Srinivasa

    For stay tirthaprasada and boarding at any of the uttradimutt you may log in to and find the contact details.


  14. Mallari Narayanarao

    Dear Sir,
    Please let me know as when is Sri Ragothamma swami Aradhana – for the year 2012. Awaiting your response.

  15. Rashmi

    Looking for lodge or room s near mutt,as we are going to aradane..please let me know any contact number o lodge

  16. r.lakshmi

    Sri Gurubya Namaha

    To-day is an auspecious “SRI RAGOOTHAMA THEERTHARU ARADHANA DAY and every year we used to get darshan of RAGHOOTHAMA THEERTHARU at Tirukoilur. But this year I am unable to go there. But I am so happy to see thru this page on this day.

    Thank you for the Bangalore devotee and it is very useful information and great darshan for those who have not went there so far.

    Gurugalu dhayavidhara again we will visit shortly.

    thanking you

    lakshmi R.

  17. Gopalakrishna

    Please post the song ragothma guru raya

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